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This premade 32pcs sensory fidget toy sensory box includes: 1 x rainbow muffin pop it fidget, 3 x squishy mochi, 2 x stretchy smiley men, 2 x marble and meshes, 3 x mini spiky balls, 1 x squeeze ball with mini balls inside, 1 x squeeze beans, 4 x pop tubes, 2 x stretchy strings, 1 x flippy string, 5 x finger rings, 2 x pop it bracelet fidgets, 2 x stretchy caterpillars, 2 x zippers, 1 x Mesh Squishy Ball, 1 x 3D silicone pop fidget ball, 1 x dimple pop.

Standard Sensory Box

  • Sensory boxes are calming items or toys used to stimulate sensory-seeking individuals.   Sensory-seeking deals with the body's senses; taste, touch, smell, sound, and sight.  Sensory boxes are used for multiple reasons. They are used for individuals on the Autism spectrum, Sensory Processing Disorders, anxiety, and those that need fidget devices, just to name a few. Sensory boxes will help release stress. Children or adults use sensory bins. There are NO age limits.

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